Best way to share a link

Share your website or blog links on social media with attractive Image and Title. Make your Social Media Posts Beautiful. Generate sharable link in three easy steps - 1. Provide image, title and description, 2. Click generate link, 3. Share it on wide range of social media platforms.


  • Share website, blog, article or promotional links.
  • Free Social media Share Link Generator.
  • Share with NEW title, description and image - Everytime.
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share on Twitter
  • Share on LinkedIn
  • Share on WhatsApp
  • Makes your post CLICK WORTHY.
  • Works with Google Sites ( also.


OneApp (for Android)

Website to Mobile App in less than 5 Minutes

You can create Mobile App of your website using this OneApp WebView. It is simple, fast, and personalized. Create Mobile App of your website in less than 5 minutes and share OneApp (and your APP ID) to your Customers, Students, Group, Friends and the World.

3 Easy Steps:

  • Go to OneApp by clicking the button below.
  • Generate APP ID for your website.
  • Install this OneApp and use the APP ID to connect.


Collection Book / CBook

Installment and Cash collection

Manage Customer Accounts, their Monthly or Yearly Installments, and Collect money when due. This application is useful for everyone who needs to keep track of collection or installments from their customers.

CollectionBook is designed for -

  • Bank agents
  • Post Office agents
  • Insurance agents
  • LIC agents
  • Loan agents
  • Installment collection
  • Cash collection
  • Donation collection
  • more...

Features: Active Accounts - All accounts those are currently active. Installments Due - All accounts those are currently active and their Installments are due till date. Create New Account - Add new Customer, their Account details and their Installment details.

Collection Book


Create Interesting Calculator

Want a custom calculator that is handy for your specific day to day calculations? Now you can create your own calculator in three simple steps. 1. Enter formula, 2. Describe variables, 3. Publish!

Custom Calculator is useful for -

  • Agents
  • Students
  • Professionals
  • Business owners
  • Executives
  • Fun Friends
Easy to create. Fun to use and share.